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TotalEnergies Marketing USA, Inc.

TotalEnergies Marketing USA, Inc. Headquartered in Houston, Texas, is a part of the Americas Division for the Marketing & Services Branch of the TotalEnergies Group. We are very proud of the rich global heritage of our parent company, TotalEnergies, the fourth largest oil and gas company in the world. TotalEnergies Marketing USA, Inc. operates through a number of business lines representative of the TotalEnergies Group. The business lines include: Additives, Aviation Fuels, Marine Fuels, Special Fluids, and Lubricants.

 Throughout the years, the evolution of TotalEnergies is prominently represented through the changes to the brand and the growth of the company. As we continue to actualize our ambition to become the responsible energy major, TotalEnergies strives to continue to set itself apart by guaranteeing innovation as a priority.

TotalEnergies Lubricants

TotalEnergies Lubricants, a business unit of TotalEnergies Marketing USA, Inc., offers a comprehensive range of oils, greases and specialty products including: Quartz Engine Oils, Rubia Heavy-Duty Engine Oils, Hi-Perf Motorcycle Engine Oils, Nevastane Food Grade Lubricants, TotalEnergies Industrial Lubricants, and Kleenmold Glass Lubricants. The TotalEnergies brand has been established through its quality, commitment to personalized service, and excellence as a partner brand.