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14/04/2023 News

TotalEnergies is attending the AISTech Expo 2023!

CERAN is a heavy-duty water-resistant grease with applications in marine, and industry, offshore. It’s your best choice in severe lubricating conditions where water is omnipresent, in heavy load and high-temperature environments such as in steel, paper, and mining industries.

HYDRANSAFE is an ester-based, high-performance, and fire-resistant hydraulic fluid.It has considerable fire resistance properties and is associated with exceptional lubricating properties which guarantee a substantial reduction in wear, and therefore a longer service life of the hydraulic components.

Our rolling oils are non-staining to all metals and provide high thermal and oxidation stability. These oils are compounded with lubricity agents, metal deactivators, and antioxidant additives which provide excellent cooling, good friction control for balanced “bite and slip” and good bearing.

We can’t wait to see everyone there, don’t forget to say hello at our booth #2457!