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TotalEnergies' AGRIRANGE

In the commitment to agriculture, TotalEnergies has developed fluids specially adapted for agricultural machinery duty cycles. DYNATRANS MP is a specially formulated lubricant designed to be suitable for both agricultural and construction machinery leading to the need for fewer products. It has been formulated to be versatile since farm tractors and construction equipment often utilize the same fluid in the hydraulic system, transmission, wet brake system and differential.


TotalEnergies has developed Dynatrans MP specially adapted for agricultural machinery duty cycles.



DYNATRANS MP is alubricant for transmission systems, hydraulic circuits and oil-bath disc brakes fitted to agricultural tractors, construction machinery and handling systems. It was created to provide improved performance and meets the latest API GL-4 specifications. It is recommended for use in agricultural and construction equipment that demand protection and performance.


  • Wear prevention additives  protect vital engine parts
  • Excellent low temperatura  performance
  • Superior oxidation and viscosity control as well as shear stability
  • Engineered to protect friction discs against any risk of binding
  • Designed using high  performance additives
  • Agriculture


DYNATRANS MP is a special blend of selected high quality base oils and additives formulated to offer extreme protection to heavily loaded transmission and differential gears and to extend the equipment’s life. It is ideal for tractor and other equipment calling for a universal hydraulic tractor fluid, torque converter fluid, wet-brake fluid, hydrostatic transmission fluid or for off-road equipment calling for a multifunctional oil. Not only does DYNATRANS MP meet the varied requirements of multiple applications (as shown on the chart on the next page), it exceeds them and is recommended for equipment manufactured by oEMs the likes of: Allison, Caterpillar, Fiat, Ford, J.I. Case, John Deere, Kubota, Mitsubishi and many others.


  • API GL-4


  • Case MS 1206/1207
  • FHNA 2C 201.00
  • Ford M2C134D
  • John Deere JDM J20A/J20C
TotalEnergies has developed Dynatrans MP specially adapted for agricultural machinery duty cycles.


DYNATRANS MP is suitable (except where footnoted) for the following OEMs:


(A) Recommends separate fluids other than a hydraulic tractor fluid.

(B) Many small tractors such as the Caterpillar Challenger series can use DYNATRANS MP.

(C) No specification was identified. Use DYNATRANS MP.

(D) Quatrol is a registered trademark of John Deere and not a specification. It is no longer sold in the marketplace. DYNATRANS MP may be used where Quatrol is called for.

(E) These are older tractors which may specify separate or different fluids than DYNATRANS MP.

(F) Unmodified units only for Renk-Doromat.