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TotalEnergies Lubrication Survey

Conducting a Lubrication Survey at your plant provides an excellent opportunity to identify all equipment lubrication points within a facility and what lubricants should be used. The information that is gathered from the survey is unique to that facility and produces highly applicable recommendations for establishing a proactive lubrication program.

Reasons for conducting Lubrication Survey

  • Equipment optimization
  • Potential product consolidation
  • Improved reliability
  • Waste and over lubrication reduction
  • Extended drain oils
  • Correct lubricant products in equipment
  • Increased operation efficiency

Field Engineers for TotalEnergies Lubricants have extensive knowledge in all industries from Food, Steel, Paper, Refineries, Chemical, Phosphate, Pharmaceutical, Automotive to Heavy Duty. Across all industries, TotalEnergies Lubricants’ Field Engineers have a robust understanding of product applications with plant facilities. With certifications in various arenas, including STLE, ICMLA and Vibration, TotalEnergies Lubricants’ Field Engineers have been conducting Lubrication Surveys and assisting customers to improve their reliability programs for over a decade.

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