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For ever our teams have been working on the field to advise our customers the best lubricants to use. Convinced that the Food & Beverage Industry has specific needs, we have launched Nevastane more than 50 years ago, with lubricants dedicated only to this industry. Each and every details of the range have been designed to fulfill the specific needs of this sector. Nevastane products not only overpass standard lubricants performance, but they also bring extra safety, primordial in a food plant.

These lubricants are NSF H1 or NSF 3H registered. Formulations comply with FDA (Food and Drug Administration) chapter 21 CFR 178.3570.  This text defines which lubricants can be used in food production areas where accidental or even direct food contacts may occur. Our Nevastane plants are certified NSF ISO 21469. This certification guarantees our lubricants production processes and is considered as crucial. Our Nevastane lubricants are avalaible all over the world and so it is essential that they guarantee and respect everyone's personal convictions with Halal and kosher certifications, as well as formulas free of GMO, animal substances, and allergens.

Keep your production safe with Nevastane Food Grade Lubricants.