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Advancing Glass Lubrication Technology

TotalEnergies Marketing USA, Inc. – Glass Business, is the manufacturer and worldwide supplier of Kleenmold® lubricants and coatings used in the glass container industry.

The name Kleenmold represents a line of products dating back to 1938, when Mr. S. J. (Bud) Singer of Specialty Products Company made a product called Kleenmold #1 for the Metro Glass Factory in Jersey City, New Jersey.

Over the years, the Kleenmold line of products has grown with the glass industry and currently many different lubricants, coatings and release agents from shear sprays to cold end coatings are available. Kleenmold products have been manufactured under strict quality control guidelines in our Linden, New Jersey USA production facility ensuring consistent, high-quality products. Many products have NSF (food grade H-2 or H-1) approval.

Kleenmold Swabbing Compounds are recognized as the industry standard worldwide. In addition to Kleenmold, TotalEnergies Marketing USA, offers a complete range of hot end lubricants with brand names such as Biosol, Kleenkut, Glassflow and Kleenoil. Our lubricants and coatings have a significant impact on productivity and percent pack. Through cooperation with the worldwide glass industry we have been able to test and refine all of our products to lubricate cleanly, eliminate defects and meet the demands of the evolving industry.


Our technical team is dedicated to formulating new products that are easier to use, environmentally friendly and more efficient for the bottle-making process. TotalEnergies is available to work with you and your company individually to solve any and all lubricant related concerns. We provide a variety of services including:

  • Shear Spray Condition Monitor Analysis
  • Glass Defect Analysis
  • Consumption Reporting

In addition to the above mentioned services, we also offer personalized on-site Swab Schools in order to demonstrate the most  efficient way to use a swabbing compound. The Swab Schools are also available upon request on DVD. For more information on an on-site school or a DVD, please contact your local distributor or one of our Kleenmold offices.



Our commitment to quality and unsurpassed customer service makes Kleenmold glass lubricants the right choice. TotalEnergies' Kleenmold product line includes lubricants and coatings for all glass applications:

  • Shear Sprays
  • Delivery Coatings
  • Precoats
  • Blanks Swabbing Lubricants
  • Pressware
  • I.S. Machine Lubricants
  • Ring Dopes
  • Mold Lubricants
  • Blank Sprays

Swab stations are recommended for maximum performance of Kleenmold lubricants.