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TotalEnergies Specialties has developed a comprehensive turbine lubricant product range to support the power generation industry. Whether it’s for large frame or aero-derivative, we have the correct product for your application. Assuring a continuous service life and optimum performance for your selected equipment investments, TotalEnergies gas turbine lubricants are covered with approvals by the leading turbine manufacturers. 

Mineral High-Performance Turbine Lubricant

For regulation and lubrication circuits of gas, steam and combined cycle turbines working at high temperatures. Can also be used in centrifugal and screw compressor bearing lubrication when an oil without strong anti-wear properties is needed.

  • Alstom: HTGD 90117 (NBA P 50001A)
  • General Electric: GEK 28143A, GEK 32568F
  • Siemens: TLV 901304
  • Solar: ES9-2244 Class II
  • Skoda Power - PLZEN

High-Running Temperature Resistant Turbine Lubricant

These oils are specially designed for the lubrication (bearing, gear boxes) and regulation of gas turbines. The use of non-conventional base stocks and unique additization provides excellent thermal-oxidative stability.

Preslia GT 32 and 46 should also be considered for use in steam turbine applications that requires aither an ISO 32 or 46 fluid.


  • General Electric: GEK 28143A, GEK 32568F
  • GEK 107395, GEK 101941
  • Siemens: TLV 901304

ISO 32, 46 and 68 - Synthetic Polyalphaolefin-based (PAO)

SYNOLAN 1000 oils are fully synthetic compressor lubricants designed to give long life to rotary type compressors. They are formulated from high-quality polyalphaolefin base stocks and the latest developments in additive technology.

SYNOLAN 1000 are formulated to minimize the formation of deposits, lacquer, and sludge normally found in these types of systems. Reduced deposits mean less down time, reduced component wear and improved compressor efficiencies. They are compaptible with oil seals, paints and plastics.

Meets Solar specification ES 9-224,rev. W class 1 for ISO 32 and 46

Synthetic Lubricant for Aero-Derivative Turbines

Formulated with an advanced polyolester-basestock and next generation additive technology, Preslia SE Jet provides outstanding performance in the most demanding land-based aero-derivative engine applications that require a SAE AS5780 qualified fluid.


  • SAE AS5780 (MIL PRF-23699)
  • Rolls Royce service bulletin Nº0421
  • Rolls Royce service bulletin Nº145
  • Roll Royce Corporation (Allison) SERIES 501-K Industrial Gas Turbine 
  • Turbomeca