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TotalEnergies Grease Range Lubricants You Can Rely On

TOTAL Specialties USA offers a wide range of lubricating greases and specialty lubricants for industrial and automotive applications.

We have solidified our reputation as the leading specialist in various industries including food processing, wood, paper, board, chemical, construction/infrastructure, energy, mining and materials, rubber, textiles and metalworking. Each of these sectors uses different types of machinery including compressors, turbines, transformers, machine tools, hydraulic transmissions and textile machinery. TotalEnergies is proud to offer our customers a wide range of products specially tailored to meet their market’s specific needs. 

Value Added Services 

We bring our expertise to help you optimize the productivity of your machinery and improve your competitiveness. You benefit from advice and high-level, after-sales services that include: rationalization and organization of lubrication operations, maintenance and laboratory analyses of the fluids in service and the training of your teams. Our goal is to optimize your productivity when using TotalEnergies greases and lubricants. 


Innovation is a priority for us. Our engineers, including chemical and mechanical, and tribology specialists work together at our global research centers to develop highly efficient products for use under a wide range of operating conditions. Our close relations with original equipment manufacturers enable the formulation and testing of tomorrow’s products, and guarantee optimal performance and protection of your machines.

Safety and the Environment

The safety of people and equipment is essential when using lubricants. That’s why TotalEnergies products meet the strictest quality standards and have been approved by major equipment manufacturers from around the world. From the initial design stages, our R&D teams integrate new product’s parameters conducive to the reduction of toxicity risks and VOC emissions, biodegradability, recycling or  elimination of the products.

General Categories

  • Automotive
  • Industrial
  • HD Vehicles
  • Construction Equipment
  • Food Processing
  • Marine
  • Agriculture
  • Rail
  • Specific Applications
  • High Speed Ball Bearing
  • High Temp Bearing
  • Low Speed
  • Low Temp
  • High Speed Flex Couplings
  • Open Gear
  • Enclosed Gear
  • Cable/Wire Rope