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Quartz deals with the demands of a diversified customer base every day. From motorsports teams and top racers to real-life experts, such as manufacturers and mechanics, our oil is tailored to meet all customer needs.

Quartz engineers have capitalized on 60 years of experience to design formulas with unprecedented molecular interactions. Each product contains specific hyperactive molecules that create the desired effect: Quartz series are empowered with the newest technologies.

Thanks to a long history of bold R&D, our Quartz engine oils exceed even the most demanding requirements of car manufacturers.
Quartz products are tested and approved by Major Automobile Manufacturers (Original Equipment Manufacturers – OEMs).
These product approvals are the official guarantee proving that Quartz products are 100% compatible with the equipment and technology of these related manufacturers.

Quartz engine oils not only enhance engine cleanliness, boost engine protection but also improve fuel efficiency1.

1 When dedicated “Fuel Economy” products are used.

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3 reasons to believe in Quartz.