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In March of 2016, TotalEnergies officially inaugurated the production of the company’s new high purity special fluids facility in Bayport, Texas. The Special Fluids unit uses Hydro De-Aromatization (HDA) technology and the expertise gained by our Oudalle site located in Normandy, France.  

The Bayport plant produces a wide range of ultra high purity special fluids for customer use across a wide spectrum of industries including; pharmaceuticals, crop protection, water treatment, printing inks, paints and coatings and cosmetics. Having a plant in the United States gives the Special Fluids division of TotalEnergies a solid advantage in terms of responsiveness and logistics in the United States and the Americas region.


Bayport HDA Plant to Produce Clean Fluids for Drilling

In TotalEnergies’ continuous commitment to the use of clean drilling fluids for exploration and production operations, the Bayport facility produces synthetic biodegradable fluids for inland, near shore and deep water drilling. With an annual production capacity exceeding 250,000 metric tons, the plant is ideally located to supply the largest markets in the world.

“The innovative clean technology Bayport provides to customers is the result of a concerted and combined effort by several TotalEnergies global business activities including Refining and Chemicals and Marketing and Services with knowledge and expertise transferred from engineers at our plants in France,” said Philippe Boisseau, a Former Member of the Executive Committee of TotalEnergies.

The Bayport operation illustrates TotalEnergies’ commitment to support business in the United States. As a fully-integrated oil and gas major, we will continue to work closely with our refining facility in Port Arthur, which will supply feedstock required to produce the high purity special fluids customers require.

The Bayport HDA plant is highly specialized and utilizes a catalytic reaction process that, when combined with high pressure and distillation, enables the production of:

  • Very specific high purity fluids
  • Readily Biodegradable solvents and fluids
  • Odorless
  • Colorless
  • Stable
  • Ultra low aromatic contents

These high purity fluids are customized to meet the needs of a wide variety of industrial applications. hey are produced for everyday products like cosmetics, odorless paint, caulk, tiki torches and crop protection for bananas.


Made in the USA

The Construction Phase

  • Completed in a little over one year.
  • The project provided approximately 400 jobs for workers and tradesmen during the development.
  • The entire project was completed with an excellent Safety Performance of 769,000 hours worked without incident or Lost Time Injury.

Two Major Stages of Production:

  • High pressure hydrogenation which provides products with very high purity.
  • Narrow-cut distillation that leads to fluids particularly adapted to customer expectations.

TotalEnergies’ Bayport opening comes just weeks after the opening of a multi-million dollar innovation center in Grand Rapids, Michigan by TotalEnergies’ automotive and aerospace company Hutchinson further showing TotalEnergies’ commitment to the U.S. economy.