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Aliphatic Diluents for Metal Extraction

Taking into account both environmental responsibility and cost efficiency, hydrometallurgy is the preferred route for extracting metals from ores. 

To ensure optimal performance in terms of operator safety, process efficiency and reliability, TotalEnergies’s Special Fluids division has designed the Elixore range, perfectly defined aliphatic diluents dedicated to liquid-to-liquid extraction processes.

Extraction Efficiency: based on good selectivity

An independent R&D program compared copper over iron copper over iron selectivity by using Elixore and classical aromatic diluents in the same solvent formulation (extractant + diluent).


Extraction efficiency of ELIXORE compared to aromatic diluents.
Aromatic free Elixore product proved great performance compared to aromatic diluent.


Highly Stable Products for a sustainable performance

Perfectly defined and rigorously constant, the Elixore product gives you access to highly reliable and stable solutions. Moreover, their ultra low aromatic content makes them especially resistant to organic degradation. 

Their outstanding characteristics make them prime choice diluents in the extraction of valuable and/or sensitive metals such as: 

  • Copper
  • Nickel
  • Zinc
  • Cobalt
  • Rare earth

Making a Safer Working Environment

Elixore products have low vapor pressure, ultra low aromatic and sulfur content and thus offer the safest environment for operators.

High Flash Point and Low Viscosity

The Elixore range offers a comprehensive choice of perfectly inert, colorless and odorless fluids. Each product gives you access to the specification sets you need to reach the optimal balance between the desired level of efficacy (viscosity) and the necessary level of operator safety (high flash point).

  • Elixore 180's low viscosity is an efficient solution for operations requiring fast phase separation and for low temperatures areas.
  • Elixore 205 offers a good balance between low viscosity and high flashpoint. Standard compromise in industry.
  • Elixore 250 high flashpoint and low vapour pressure are often chosen to reduce diluent loss due to evaporation and dedicated for high temperature areas.

 - High flashpoint

 - Narrow distillation range

 - Low viscosity

 - Low pour points

 - Ultra low aromatic contents