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The Environmentally Friendly Choice

EDC® drilling fluids are proven to be eco-friendly and biodegradable synthetic base fluids, thanks to their very severe production process leading to lowest aromatic content in the industry. Rigorously controlled specifications guarantee a safe working environment for operators.

They have been specifically designed for optimal performance in the harshest environmental conditions, ranging from onshore to offshore HPHT conditions.

With decades of experience in more than 40 countries around the world, TotalEnergies’ Drilling Fluids have set the industry benchmark for high purity and performance.

Maximizin Operators` safety

  • Non irritant (OECD 404/ 405).
  • High purity for health & safety.
  • Low vapor pressure & high flash point to reduce  fire hazards.
  • Odorless and inert.
  • Colorless.

Minimizing environmental impact

  • Readly biodegradable (OECD 306).
  • High purity delivers ultra low toxicity for aquatic life.

EDC Fluids have been awarded the TotalEnergies EcoSolutions label for their outstanding environmental performance. This program, independently verified by an external independent auditor, is explained in more detail at:

  • EDC Base Fluid are classified Group III according to IPIECA’s OGP Classification, with much lower aromatic content than this category requires:
Non-aqueous category Components Aromatic content


High-aromatic content fluid

Crude oiol, diesel oil, and conventional mineral oil 5-35%


Medium-aromatic content fluid

Low-toxicity mineral oil 0,5-5%


Low/neggble-aromatic content fluid

Ester, LAO, IO, PAO, Linear paraffin and highly processed mineral oil

<0,5% ans PAH lower than 0,001%


  • EDC Base Fluid meets the requirements of the EPA in the USA for Synthetic Fluids based on its ultra low levels of Aromatic content.

Deliver Unparalleled Performance

  • Ultimate stability in the most extreme drilling conditions, as no component in EDC triggers degradation linked to high temperatures and high pressure.
  • Optimal control of drilling performance through precise product characteristics.