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Precoats are applied in many glass plants to blank and mold equipment to facilitate the start-up after a job change. Kleenmold precoats deposit a tightly-bonded lubricating film of graphite on mold equipment surfaces which provide excellent gob loading and parison release. This helps minimize lost production by allowing operators to focus on fine-tuning various aspects of production and to check bottle quality, rather than on swabbing. Additional information about special products can be obtained from your local distributor.

Kleenmold Precoat DT 4 Water-based start-up coating in an aerosol can Convenient aerosol can for easy application; non-flammable; does not contain CFCs
Kleenmold Precoat 409 Water-based start-up coating in a plastic jar; apply with a Binks Gun Water-based precoat for blanks, molds, neck rings, and other related equipment used. It is a one-component product available in a Binks Gun compatible plastic jar