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Delivery Coatings

These products provide a low coefficient of friction coating to allow the gob to be easily transported to the blank. They also insulate the gob from excessive heat loss. Kleenmold coatings are strongly bonded to a surface effectively eliminating the transfer of particulate matter to the glass. To ensure consistent quality and high efficiency, a gob must reach the mold equipment at a constant speed, without checks and inclusions. Kleenmold coatings and lubricants for delivery equipment can minimize defects that can reduce overall cost and improve quality.

Kleenmold Base 10 EU 2-part, standard graphite/epoxy delivery coating Standard product with good performance (pot time approx. 30 minutes)
Kleenmold Base 26 2-part, solid lubricants dispersed in epoxy resin delivery coating Improved product with longer pot time and life on delivery system (pot time approx. 60 minutes)
Kleenmold Base 300 2-part, HT epoxy/graphite delivery coating Designed to provide longest life on deflectors (pot time approx. 75 minutes)