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Blank Mold Lubricants

Kleenmold offers a very wide variety of different swabbing compounds. Kleenmold swabbing compounds contain graphite, wetting agents and additives penetrate tight surfaces, providing uniform lubrication and release that eliminates checks and build-up. The following products represent some of our product line. Additional information about special products can be obtained from your local distributor.

Kleenmold 99 Black, paste Suggested for hotter applications, dry swab, perfume/cosmetics;
also in molds/long swab cycle
Kleenmold 170 Black, semi-fluid liquid General purpose product for all types of ware when properly applied
Kleenmold 173 /177 Black, semi-fluid liquid Modifications of Kleenmold 170
Kleenmold 197 Black, semi-fluid liquid General purpose product for wine bottles, flint, cosmetic, perfume and pharmaceutical bottles
Kleenmold 202 Black, semi-fluid liquid NNPB, HT, beer bottles, champagne bottles
Kleenmold 402 Black, semi-fluid liquid Very clean; forgives over-swabbing mistakes; good for lightweight beer bottles