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High performance

Thanks to their outstanding purity and consistently stable properties, Scriptane PW products are used by most of the major ink and resin manufacturers around the world.

Scriptane PW grades are:

  • Crystal clear and virtually odorless
  • Excellent UV / long term stability
  • Non-VOC (volatile organic compounds)*
  • Approved for indirect contact with food (see below)
  • Narrow boiling ranges guarantees complete control of evaporation and press stability
  • Excellence compromise between resin solvency and drying performance
  • Excellent quality consistency due to the controlled manufacturing process

Scriptane PW

is a range of aromatic free printing ink distillates (PID) developed according to highly stringent specifications to meet the latest requirements of the ink industry.

Regulation Compliances:

Compliance with EU/US/JP pharmacopeia purity criteria And German “Rheinheitsanforderungen an flüssige Paraffine” (155. Mitteilung Bundesgesundheitsblatt 25 (1982) 192).
*SCRIPTANE PW products are not considered as VOC at 20° according to EC/1999/13 and CARB
(US California Air Resources Board).


Food contact application status

Ultra low aromatic content. 
The Scriptane PW range has been developed to offer better protection to both workers and end users of printed material. Odorless, SCRIPTANE PW is mild on the skin. Scriptane PW have ultra-low PAH (Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons) and aromatic contents, even when compared to de-aromatised standard products of the market. 
  • Approved by FDA 21CFR 178.3620 (b): Indirect food additives: adjuvants, processing aids and sanitizers.
  • Complying with:
    - EC Regulation 1935/2004 on material and articles intended to come into contact with food. 
    - EUIPA Guideline on Printing Inks applied to the non-food Contact Surface of Food Packaging Materials and articles. 
  • Switzerland: The substance composing SCRIPTANE PW products are listed in teh Annez 6 )list of solvents admitted for packaging inks manufacturing) part B of the Swiss ordinance on food contact materials RS 817.0223.021.


The products comply with international regulations and Eco-labels

  • The substances composing SCRIPTANE PW products are neither listed in the Japanese Printing Ink Manufacturer Association (JPIMA) nor European Printing Ink Association (EUPIA) negative lists.
  • In Japan, they can be used in certified Eco Mark Productcategory n°102 – Established in 1997, the label covers “offset lithographic ink” and “news ink”, and promotes a change to aroma-free offset printing ink.
  • Compliance with Blue Engel Eco Labels (D):
  • Criteria for Award of the Environmental Label Recycled Paper RAL-UZ 14, July 2014,
  • Criteria for Award of the Environmental Label Printing inks RAL-UZ 195, January 2015

(*) Sum of 20 PAH conventionaly measured, comparison between commercially available aromatic containing distillates and Scriptane PW 25/28H.